Examples of the type of work that has been carried out are,


  • Training of new fumigation technicians

  • Refresher training for experienced technicians

  • Fumigant awareness training for warehousing staff

  • Audits for exporters who utilise fumigation contractors

  • Preparation of standard operating procedures

  • Representation at product demonstrations / evaluations

  • Market research for new products and/or services

Our services include


JT Consultancy (NKT) Limited offers consultancy, advice, and training on all aspects of fumigation and fumigation alternatives to all who may use or encounter fumigants both in the UK and worldwide.
This includes, but is not limited to, fumigation/pest control contractors and service providers, suppliers, warehousing facilities, ports, retailers, local authorities, customs et cetera. Just some examples of the services that JT Consultancy (NKT) Limited can offer are shown below.

​JT Consultancy (NKT) Limited holds full public liability and professional indemnity insurance and is a member of the British Pest Control Association

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