We  offer a range of fumigation training courses tailored to suit your needs and delivered at your premises at a time to suit you. Examples of the types of courses that we can offer are shown below. If you have specific areas that you wish to be covered please contact us to discuss. 

An ongoing problem in the industry is the risk from fumigants and other volatile organic compounds e.g. toluene, being present at harmful levels in imported shipping containers. Unless those handling these containers are aware of this risk and what control measures to put in place they could be exposed to potentially harmful concentrations of the toxic products. Contact us for information on the training course we can run for you to help you manage the risk.

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Introduction to fumigation 

This course runs over three to four days and covers the basics of fumigation including legislation, hazard & risk, fumigants including phosphine gas fumigation, RPE & PPE, storage, and transport.

The course is designed to prepare UK trainee technicians for Unit 1 of the RSPH Level 3  Certificate in the Safe Use of Fumigants for the Management of Invertebrate Pests. Subsequent training can then be carried out for the specific fumigation operations for example container, commodities under sheets, ships and buildings.

For technicians outside of the UK, this course will give you an understanding of the theory of fumigation and the course can be designed to also cover specific legislation and fumigation operations relevant to your business.

This course will also benefit salespeople, administrators and others who need a basic understanding of fumigation but are not directly involved in practical fumigation.

To accompany the course we have prepared a fumigation manual titled An Introduction to Fumigation.

Refresher training

Even qualified technicians with several years' experience benefit from refresher training. Being able to demonstrate to clients that your technicians are regularly updated on new procedures will make your business stand out from the crowd.

Courses can be run over one or two days for up to 10-technicians concentrating on the basics, new legislation and any other points that you request.

All UK qualified technicians are required by the Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012 to pass the Unit 1 examination of the RSPH Level 3 Certificate in the Safe Use of Fumigants for the Management of Invertebrate Pests. We have put together a refresher training course for those technicians needing to take this examination. Again the fumigation manual, An Introduction to Fumigation, will be a valuable learning aid to technicians preparing for the examination.

The manual can be purchased for £45 per copy plus postage and packing. Contact us for your copy.

Fumigant awareness training

This half to the one-day course will be of particular interest to businesses involved in the handling of import containers.

Research has shown that around 3% of all imported freight containers contain fumigants but are not marked with any warning notices. Also up to 20% of containers contain volatile organic compounds above the workplace exposure limit.

This course looks at the hazards and what workplace measures can be implemented to reduce the risk.