What is fumigation?

Which legislation covers the registration of fumigants in the UK?

What is the specific gravity of phosphine and what does this mean when used as a fumigant?

What are the new restrictions on the UK Detia Degesch aluminium phosphide products used for invertebrate control?

What is the Fumiguide?

Can methyl bromide still be used in Europe?

Fumigation Manual

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For the answers to these questions and more you need a copy of JT Consultancy's fumigation manual An Introduction to Fumigation.

This manual is a valuable learning and revision aid to those preparing for the Unit 1 examination of the RSPH Level 3 Certificate in the Safe Use of Fumigants for the Management of Invertebrate Pests, covering the entire syllabus of the examination.

It will also be an excellent reference manual for all those with an interest in fumigation.

The contents of the manual are shown below.

The current edition is predominantly for the UK fumigation industry but a lot of the content is universal. We can tailor it to specific country needs. Please contact us for more information.

Contact us at admin@fumigationconsultancy.com to reserve your copy


  • Introduction

  • Legislation

  • Hazard & Risk

  • Personal and Respiratory Protective Equipment

  • Fumigants

  • Gas Detection & Monitoring

  • Storage & Transport

  • Insect Biology and Monitoring

  • Fumigation sectors

  • Alternative treatments​​